Reasons to become a pleasant company for girls

Many people wonder, “What do girls really want in a partner?”

Most women thrive when their partners pay attention to little details that show they love and care about them. This can include everything from making her favorite coffee to leaving a sweet note on the kitchen counter.

1. Be a good listener

Being a good listener is one of the most valuable skills you can have in any relationship. It’s essential for understanding your partner and truly connecting with them.

Try to avoid distractions like checking your phone during a conversation. It’s rude and implies that you don’t care about the topic at hand.

It’s also important to maintain eye contact. This shows your girlfriend or boyfriend that you are actively engaged in the conversation and that you really want to hear what they have to say.

2. Be protective

Girls like it when a guy shows affection and protection for them. This means comforting them with hugs, listening to their problems without being judgemental, giving compliments, spending money on them, etc.

Of course, you must know when to show these behaviors and not overdo them. Otherwise, you will risk getting into the friend-zone. This is why it’s important to understand Behavior 2. This will help you avoid the friend-zone forever. And it’s easy. You just need to learn how to do it correctly!

3. Be chivalrous

Girls love a man who treats them with respect and kindness. This is why chivalry is still very important.

Chivalrous acts like holding the door for her, paying for her dinner, and carrying in her groceries are simple gestures that show how much you care about her.

Being chivalrous also means protecting her from harm and taking responsibility for her emotional and physical well-being. It also means giving her space to be independent and respecting her opinions.

4. Give compliments

Girls love compliments, especially when they are sincere. They make them feel good about themselves and show their value to you.

For instance, if she loves to travel, you can compliment her on that. You can also compliment her on her intelligence, or even her beauty.

Don’t compliment her just to impress her, however. This can come across as sleazy. A genuine compliment is a wonderful way to make her happy and can build team spirit. It can also strengthen your relationship.

5. Create sweet moments

Girls fall in love with partners who are sweet and thoughtful. This could be anything from a simple “thinking of you” text to making their favorite coffee or tea in the morning. It might even be complimenting them in front of their friends. Just make sure the compliment is genuine and not at their expense. A lighthearted sense of humor is also a big plus. You can say corny jokes or just break out into a Disney song when washing the dishes becomes frustrating.

6. Make her laugh

Girls love humor, and the connection between laughter and attraction is strong. Knowing how to make a girl laugh will help you form a deep connection with her and keep your relationship fresh.

Proper teasing is an important part of making her laugh, and it can be done through stories, mimicry, and jokes. However, you should be careful not to tease her about any major red flags. For example, laughing at her clumsiness isn’t a good idea.

7. Whisper sweet nothings

Words whispered into a girl’s ears can be very seductive and romantic. They also stimulate erogenous zones in the body. Gently blowing, kissing, and licking the earlobes can enhance the effect.

Researchers have discovered that the “love languages” of couples are crucial to a healthy sex life. People who better match their partner’s love language tend to have a more satisfied relationship.

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